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Area Contractors


The following Businesses have been used by Stratford Owners within the past 12-24 months.

R: "Recommended"; S: "Satisfactory"; Q: "Ask Questions First"; T: "Also Tried"

Please use contact page of this website to submit your suggestions for this listing !

Interior Painting -
José Saravia   703-926-1312 
(weekend work; reasonably priced)

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Connection    Brian and Mike Zatkoff   703-361-6135
(personal touch, coordination of small jobs or complete remodel)

Bath Remodeling

Carpet Installation
Unique Carpet and Floor, Inc  703-369-1600
  (Read contract before purchasing carpet; does not guarantee invisibility of seams, many other caveats)

Blinds Installation
ML Poblador Installations   703-644-4310 or 703-675-2688
(Mario and son Mario)

Handyman Services

Heat and Air Contractor
Residential Systems 703-502-3040
(on time; realistic evaluation of units)

Plumbing Contractor

Carpentry Contractor



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