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Sequoia Management

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Your Questions Answered


Q: Can I contact management outside of regular business hours?
A: Yes, for emergency only situations that cannot await opening of management offices.  These situations are normally major leaks from broken pipes, fire, or issues affecting health and safety of the residents.
Please call 703-230-2240.

Q: How much are The Association Dues?
A: For 2016, $210 per month.    Please use
this link for more details.

Q: Can we pay our Condo fees online?
A: Online Electronic Account Access is now available! Sequoia Management is pleased to announce that over the past year, their accounting and architectural tracking software has been upgraded. The initial phase of implementation allowed them to recognize efficiencies in their accounting system. Homeowners are now able to pay their dues online ($8.50 fee) and view their account history (no charge). To sign up and register, visit and follow the prompts for registration.

Q: Can we pay our Condo fees using auto-pay from our bank?
A: Set up your Bill Pay manager or bank drafts as follows:
Payable to "Stratford Condominium"
(The account number is the one found on your fee coupons.)
Address payments to:
Sequoia Management
13998 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, VA 20151-2283

Q: What are my dues used for?
A: Here is a short listing…
• Exterior Building Maintenance
• Common Grounds Maintenance
• Parking & Parking Lot Maintenance
• Master Hazard Insurance Premium
• Swimming Pool & Clubhouse Privileges
• Common Area Lighting
• Trash and Snow Removal
• Landscaping and Pest Control
• Water & Sewer
• Capital Reserve Fund
• Professional Property Management

Q: What are capital reserves?
A: A portion of the dues is put into a savings account to be used in the future for major expenses (such as painting, roofing, paving, etc.).

Q: Who can join the swimming pool?
A: Pool use is included in your association dues.
Your list of family members in Sequoia’s files must be up-to-date, and your membership dues must be current, in order to obtain a pool pass.

Q: Do I need approval before I install a satellite dish, etc.?
A: Yes. For any significant change to the external portion of your home please
contact Sequoia Management to request an application.  Please see the Bylaws for other cases where an application is required.

Q: What should I do about after-hour noises or loitering in the outside area?
A:  You can contact the Management Office with all relevant information and a letter will be sent to the responsible party; but in most cases this is a civil matter and should be handled by calling the non-emergency Prince William County Police number (703-792-6500).

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