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Parking Regulations

Each condo unit is provided with 3 tags:
One numbered space, One general reserved space, and One visitor space.
The permit tags should be displayed by hanging from the rear view mirror.

-- Any Unit routinely parking more than two vehicles is in violation of the Condominium Parking Policy.
-- Any vehicle in a Resident or Reserved parking space without a parking tag is subject to immediate towing.  If you have lost your tags, contact the Management Office and you will be issued new ones, for $5.00 each.
-- Unless you are active duty military or your unit here is a second home, all vehicles must have current Virginia license plates and a current Virginia State Inspection sticker.

Only minor vehicle maintenance activities are allowed.  (Checking fluids. Not oil changes.)

The 30-Minute Loading space in front of each building is for residents to use for loading and unloading only.  Anyone parked in the space for more than thirty minutes, with no activity at the vehicle, is subject to immediate towing.

Towing Company:  Dominion Towing 703-330-6600

Trash Regulations

Use of Enclosures
Please place your bags into the bins and close the lids.
Kitchen Trash
Please wait until the evening before trash pickup days to put out decomposing garbage.  The pickup days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.
Recycling Trash
Please place your recycling materials into the appropriately marked bins.  Please avoid using these bins for other types of trash.  Recycled trash is picked up on Thursday only.
Large Item Trash
Our trash contractor is not required to collect some kinds of items as part of their routine pick-ups (such as paints, chemicals, propane tanks, appliances, computers/monitors, metal, large bulky items, etc.).  Please do not discard these types of items in the trash area.  This is a violation of Prince William County Code, as well as the VA Health & Safety Code.  However, for a very small fee, our trash contractor is happy to pick up large household items, such as carpet, appliances or furniture.  Please do not dispose of any large household items without first calling Debbie at Charlie & Sons at 703-670-9652.

Pet Regulations

Pet Restrictions
Only one PET per household is permitted.  Dogs may not exceed 30 pounds.  This regulation applies also to guest pets to your home or dog-sitting arrangements.
Please control the noise of your pet.

Pet Waste
Please remember to have a plastic bag handy for immediate removal of your pet’s waste.  Please place the material into a trash bin rather than throwing it over the trash enclosure fence.  Not properly removing pet waste from the grounds can result in a fine.  We have provided Mutt Mitt Stations throughout the community for your convenience.

Home Exterior Regulations

Decks and patios are not intended as storage areas.
Entryways should be kept completely clear (Fire Marshall requirement).
Please assist in keeping our property values high by maintaining these areas in a presentable manner.
All satellite dish attachments require prior approval by the Board BEFORE installation.  Please contact the Management Office for information.
Electric Grills ONLY on patios or balcony areas.
Liquid or Charcoal fuels only permitted in areas at least 15 feet from a building.
Violations have possible fine up to $2500 per offense.
Call 703-792-6500 to report violations.  (Prince William County Police non-emergency number.)








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