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Sequoia Management

Bus. Hours  8:30 - 5:00

Emergency After Hours


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Your Association Fee for 2015

    Interest, Taxes, License, Fees  0.210.1
% of fee
Capital Reserves 51.45 24.5
Water & Sewer 41.58 19.8
Sequoia Mgmt & Admin Costs 16.80 8.0
Pool / Clubhouse 19.95 9.5
Trash Removal 11.13 5.3
Common Area Maintenance Expenses 26.67 12.7
Insurance 18.06 8.6
Electric, Security Telephone   7.98 3.8
Lawn & Landscape 11.76 5.6
Sprinkler & Fire Maint  3.36 1.6
Snow Removal   3.57 1.7
Legal & Collection Expenses   2.10 1.0
Bad Debt 1.47 0.7
Variation in % Computation (6.09) (2.9)
TOTAL 210.00 100

Assessment Dues

Please remember condo fees are due the first (1st) of each and every month and become delinquent after the 15th.  Without your timely payment, it is difficult for the Board of Directors (BOD) to adequately plan and budget for rehabilitation of buildings, new roofs and general repairs.  Defaults can put undue hardship on those in good standing with higher assessments.  Fall delinquent and you lose privileges (parking, pool, tennis and exercise room), also be subject to a lien, civil suit, wage garnishment, legal fees and possible foreclosure.  So if you are delinquent, see the Management Company for full restitution or a possible budget plan to make up the amount owed.

Suggestions for Keeping Our Condo Fee Low

The water and sewer fees are one of our biggest expenses.  One way that residents can reduce this cost is to make sure toilets and faucets are not leaking.  
Running toilets can waste hundreds of gallons over a short period of time and leaks may not be readily evident.

To test for a toilet leak, remove the tank lid and introduce a bit of food coloring…don’t flush…any evidence of the color in the bowl after 15 minutes will alert you to a leaking flapper that will need to be replaced.

The noise of an unused toilet filling periodically should alert you to the necessity of flush assembly replacement.  Please contact the Management Office if you need assistance with these repairs.

Assist with keeping trash off the grounds.

Don't shovel snow onto the sidewalks.  Spread some salt, sweep or shovel some snow until the contractor can arrive.  These tasks limit the time on site, saving the Association time and material costs.









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